Stadium drum kit and maintenance

Release time:2021-06-23 09:07:28

There are many new stadiums that will have bulges after half a year. The higher the sun's temperature, the more severe the bulges. Then what is the reason:
First: the reason for the construction, the cement geology is not dry before the construction, the cement foundation is hot, the water vapor evaporates, because there is no place to disperse, the bulge will be generated, the repair method: cut off the bulge, polish it again, and coat the bottom Lacquer, middle coat, top coat.
Second: The general pure pu will produce bulge if the construction is not good. Silicon pu will not produce bulge due to air permeability, so why do so many silicon pu stadiums still produce bulge, that is, the pu material is used to pretend to be silicon PU. Because silicon pu material is 20 yuan/square more expensive than material pu material. Some unscrupulous merchants pretend to be silicon pu in order to make more profits and grab orders at low prices.

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