Why are EPDM particles so important for plastic runways?

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For the construction of sports plastic track, why should EPDM particles be added, then why should EPDM particles be added? In fact, adding EPDM particles to sports plastic track is beneficial. Why do you say that? Please understand with me!

What are EPDM particles?

EPDM particles are produced from synthetic rubber. Due to its excellent properties, it can produce a variety of colors, resist ultraviolet rays and general chemical reactions. It can be used as a kind of plastic track material to improve elasticity and extend its service life. Especially in the pattern structure, it can show the superiority of EPDM colored particles.

The advantages of the kindergarten plastic runway EPDM:

1. The product can be customized according to the color, size and rubber content required by the user to meet the different needs of the user.

2. Chemical stability, our products have high corrosion resistance and chemical stability, resistance to ozone aging, and heat-resistant oxygen aging.

3. In the production process, the adhesion is very strong. The company's technicians have solved the problem of adhesion between the particles and the adhesive after many tests and field tests.

4. All colors are bright, and all colors are paints of domestic and foreign brands to maintain the color stability of all particles, strong color fastness, UV resistance and weather resistance.

5. Even at low temperatures, good elasticity can maintain elasticity.

The plastic track is convenient and convenient to maintain. Due to the use of special composite materials, the plastic field can still maintain bright colors under various harsh weather conditions and is not easy to be aging and deformed, so special maintenance is not required. It is good for health, has good elasticity and anti-slip ability, can effectively protect athletes' leg joints and prevent accidental injuries. The overall appearance is beautiful, because it is mechanically trimmed, the plastic track is thick and uniform, and the color is bright, smooth and uniform, giving the athlete a pleasant feeling. On the premise of meeting environmental protection requirements, all materials used in plastic venues are non-toxic, harmless, and recyclable, which is conducive to environmental protection and the protection of human resources.

The plastic runway of Lekang Sports Kindergarten has excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, steam resistance, color stability, electrical properties, oil filling and room temperature fluidity. EPDM particles can be used for a long time at 120°C, and can be used for a short time or intermittently at 150°C. Adding a suitable antioxidant can increase the use temperature of a suitable antioxidant. The peroxide-crosslinked EPDM particles can be used under more stringent conditions. When the ozone concentration is 50 pphm, the plastic track made of EPDM particles stretches by 30%, and the crack time does not exceed 150 h.

The reason why the plastic track made of EPDM particles is selected as the main raw material of the plastic track in sports venues is because of the excellent performance of EPDM particles. Most sports fields like EPDM particles. Because this raw material runway is safer. Choose Lekang Sports Facilities Company, you are trustworthy!

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