National door-to-door service silicon PU stadium environmental protection material

National door-to-door service silicon PU stadium environmental protection material

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Silicon PU is a green and environmentally friendly water-based material. It is completely free of asbestos, lead or mercury and other compounds. It has high anti-ultraviolet performance, long-lasting color, durable and super wear-resistant. The color of this material is diverse, there are Basket, red, green and other colors are available. Its surface structure is superior, and its effective cushioning force can reduce injuries and fatigue to athletes. It is easy to maintain and low in repair costs. It can be used firmly in any climate and has a long service life. long.

As a ground material for sports facilities, it has good ductility, strong adhesion, has a certain healing function on the foundation, can automatically level, simple construction, excellent aging resistance, stable chemical properties after construction, and not easy to produce bubbles, etc. problem.



1. Comfort: Whether you are running, dribbling or standing still, the moderate varicose technology of silicon PU provides you with a high degree of comfort.

2. Vibration absorption: When silicon PU is subjected to an instantaneous impact, 63% of the impact force is absorbed by the ground system, which better protects the athlete's ankle.

3. Super wear-resistant: The surface layer is made of high-strength silicone resin particles with a unique double-layer structure. It is more wear-resistant than ordinary products, and some have a service life of more than 8 years.

4. Adhesive ability: Silicone polyurethane material can penetrate the pores of different materials, produce high-strength adhesion, and better bond with the foundation.

5. Technical stability: Whether it is a large ball or a small ball, the resilience, shock absorption and friction coefficient can run through the entire field system to ensure its technical stability.

6. Ideal comprehensive function: suitable for indoor and outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, badminton courts, handball courts, leisure venues, gyms and other sports grounds.

7. Easy construction: It can be directly constructed on the basis of asphalt concrete or cement concrete. All materials are classified into barrels according to the proportion. The construction can be carried out according to the instructions, and the operation is simple and convenient.

8. Easy to maintain: Contains anti-fouling additives, stains will not penetrate into the surface layer, only need to clean with water to maintain


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