Self-knotted hybrid plastic track in a school in Guangzhou

Release time:2020-11-23 17:30:39

Self-knotted hybrid plastic track in a school in Guangzhou

Maintenance management:


1. After the laying of the plastic track is completed, it can be used after 7-10 days of maintenance.

2. The plastic runway is suitable for all-weather use under the condition of certain drainage equipment. The plastic track is used for sports exercises, competitions, students' static and fitness exercises, and is not suitable for other uses;

3. Prevent the purification of harmful substances, keep it clean, prevent violent mechanical impacts and frictions, prohibit vehicles from driving on the track, pile up heavy objects and sharp objects, etc. (except for standard running shoes). Special nail shoes must be worn for sports. The nail length does not exceed 7 mm, and jumping shoes does not exceed 11 mm. If the nail shoes have longer nails, they are not allowed to be used on the plastic track;


4. Prevent temporary load;

5. Prevent fireworks and isolate heat sources, prevent contact with organic solvents, chemicals, cigarette butts and other fires, purification materials, etc.

6. It should be cleaned frequently by spraying with water. After cleaning, a large amount of residual water on the rubber surface can be removed with a dry cloth. Oil stains can be cleaned with 10% ammonia water or detergent or washing powder.


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